LIVE EXCLUSIVE: Legendary Drugs Vendor SankHara ARRESTED in Tilburg, Netherlands.


Police have arrested two men and seized a total of 30 kilos of speed and thousands of ecstasy pills

Sankhara, drugs vendor who sold on different darknet markets as Apollon, DarkMarket, Big Blue Market, BitBazaars among others including their own private shop has been arrested according to our private sources.

LIVE: This article will be updated as we receive new information.

After a big operation in which more than 200 vacant buildings were checked, the two Tilburg residents of 23 were arrested. During the search, 44 kilos of hard drugs and 11 kilos of cutting agents were found. It involved more than 30 kilos of amphetamine, thousands of ecstasy pills, almost a kilo of crystal meth, hundreds of other pills, LSD,heroin and cocaine. There were packages of drugs ready to be sent. The investigation showed that it involved the sale of drugs through a dark website. This site had already come into focus during the investigation. A lively drug trade took place from this dark web store, presumably all over the world. The police also found a dozen sharp cartridges. The municipality is preparing an administrative closure of the house. The total value of the drugs on the dark web has been estimated at 500,000 euros.

From News Onion Web, we want to recommend all recent SankHara's customers to take security measures, such as clearing any trace of dark web orders, especially if they live in the Netherlands. Since it is probably that the police got access to Sankhara's computer accessing all private and sensitive information.
We also advice market administrators to disable SankHara account.

At this moment, it seems SankHara support already disabled the official vendor's account on Recon.

We will keep you informed of any updates.


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