Authorities found a sketchy looking package at the Isle of Man Post Office


Teenager who was expecting to be arrested, gets caught after purchasing Ketamine from the Dark Web

When Law Enforcement opened the package they found two DVD cases containing ketamine powder, one bag contained around 32 grams of Ketamine. While the other bag contained 20 grams of Ketamine though the purity of the Ketamine was only 34% It was worth $3000 on the streets.

The package was addressed to a woman at Waverly Terrace in Ramsey, but apparently a teenager by the name of Joshua David Quayle had made several calls regarding the package's status and delivery.

The teenager was from Isle of Man who was recently arrested for purchasing 53 grams of Ketamine of the Dark Web, The teenager told the police "I'm not suprised, I was expecting to be arrested" Joshua Quayle also admitted to producing ketamine and his intentions were to supply.

When interrogated, the teenager replied with 'no comment' to all the questions that were asked. He was released on bail.

Soon the teenager contacted the police to voluntarily give an interview, during the Interview the teenager admitted obtaining the Ketamine from the Dark Web. And that he paid $1065 in Bitcoin for the Ketamine he purchased.

The teenager is yet to be sentenced which is to take place in January 2021 following the completion of a probation report.

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  1. December 12, 2020 at 1:03 pm CBD_Evolution

    My man was making bank, brushing shoulders with the elite, supplying their space travel spice. Fucked up by calling the post office so many times as many before have fallen for the same trick and many more will. Blessed be his crypto accounts, he had more, just doing small time bidding time in order to fully appreciate the game.

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