Coins you need to long right now!


Have you missed the opportunity to make thousands, because you didn't invested in bitcoin while it was at its low? Well today i'm introducing you to an opportunity

Longing a coin is to purchase it at low, hoping the price will rise and sell it when the price increases. Unlike long term holdings where you need to hold a coin for some years, you can
make profits in a day or a week depending on the price movement. Today, i'm gonna introduce you two coins which at the moment are its very low
a golden opportunity.

The first coin is Bitcoin Proof of Stake (POS) also known as BPS launched earlier this year in June, within a week its price went up to $88 USD.
While the name might make you think it's a fork of bitcoin, but it's actually not. BPS works very similar to bitcoin, the concept brings together
the expertise of the bitcoin blockchain and pos consensus algorithm. Bitcoin POS is a child of BTC codebase studded with a chain of upgrades.
Since July its price stayed stable over $50 reaching an all time high of $200 in November, however this month it fell to its lowest and still
sits at a low price of $8 and few hours ago, bps hit its all time low of $1.25.
If you ever wished about investing in bitcoin years ago so you would be rich now, well you missed that train. But here's another one you can catch.

If you choose to long, you can make lots of money with this coin as in a month or two the price will be stable again.

If you purchase $500 worth of BPS right now you'll get 62.5 BPS, sell it when the price hits $65 you get $5200.
And of course the profit varies on the amount you're going to purchase.

The second coin is XRPUP launched in September this year which is a leveraged token by binance.  "Binance Leveraged Tokens are tradable assets (off-chain tokens) in the Binance spot market that give users leveraged exposure to the underlying asset."

The coin has a daily management fee of 0.01% which is deducted from your stack of holdings, Upon launch the coin had a stable price of $10 USD,
which jumped to $34 in late November eventually making an all time high of $60. And it fell back to $24, and a roller-coaster of highs and lows ranging from $39 high
to $18 low. However in the last couple of days it fell down to its lowest $2.30, at the moment of writing its worth $3.26.

So this is a good time to purchase XRPUP, within couple weeks it can return to its stable price. And can expect a chunk of profit from your penny investment :)


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