The Dark Side of Daniel's Chat

Dark Web

Daniels Chat has gained popularity throughout the years becoming the most visited chat site on the Dark web. But little do users know that the site is also Law Enforcement's cafe.

Today, Daniel's Chat is one of the most popular chat on the dark web.

It all started back in 2013, when the German Admin Daniel Winzen wanted to create a site in order to host & share files at school,it wasn't long before he came across the Le-chat script on Github and changed his mind by hosting the chat on a raspberry pi 3,

The chat could be joined by anyone & users could upload files, it was more than Daniel desired.
Daniel happily started working on improvising it by hosting it on Tor, creating a proxy for clearnet users and the list goes on.

The chat didn't enforced any rules at the time and claimed to be "Freedom of Speech", A place for everyone. The same year, it started to get crowded everyday with users spamming links of pornographic content, memes, gore.

There wasn't a limit or a jury to stop them. Though the chat attracted lots of attention from pedophilles, xenophobics, hackers.This would be their favorite place to communicate either in public (open to all users) or private chat.

In 2014, Daniel enforced a rule that stated "No Porn/Child-Porn Allowed"
The admin also started to offer free web hosting onion& emails.
Throughout the months, new rules were formed but that didn't stopped users discussing and exchanging such files in private.

Fast forward to 2018, The year it all changed

At this point, The site became very famous for it's free hosting & chat,

But it wasn't long before the LE came knocking down the Admin's house.

An anonymous source close to Daniel states the following: "They wanted him to take down everything but since he did nothing wrong and clearly stated the rules, in their eyes he was just a good guy providing shelter to bad guys who abused the services. Eventually they had a deal that he could keep his services running if he takes down the websites that match the following criteria (Porn/Child-Porn, markets, hacking, fraud) & provide them all the information he has on them.".

It was also revealed to the members of the chat, few old members worried of their privacy left the chat to never return again. Today the chat sits at the sample place it once used to be years ago, but the passengers that were once riding are nowhere to be found.

Other than that, the site has also become Law Enforcement's home.

Users of DN should avoid this site at all costs, as it invades your opsec by collecting your chat history, browser info, operating system, &  Ip address. Unfortunately, Many newbies of DN come across this site and spend quite alot of time discussing certain topics that are LE's favourite.

Early this year, The chat was hacked again for the second time, the attacker erased all the databases including the sites that were once hosted on the admin's server. The hacker downloaded the database & uploaded it to Github for the public to see.



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