Central Bureau caught Pedophille who produced & sold Child Porn


Central Bureau arrested a Pedophille from Uttar Pradesh who's accused of molesting children & producing Child Porn.

The Central Bureau has arrested Rambhawan from Uttar Pradesh, who abused more than 50 minors aged 5-16, produced child porn and distributed to his network of Pedophilles who would regularly purchase the child porn he produced. He used cloud services like Mega & Box to store & share his videos. He was also involved with hidden invite-only sites of child porn.

Rambhawan used to purchase his victim's silence by gifting them mobile phones and giving them a handful of cash. During the raid at his residence, The Bureau discovered $10773 USD in cash, lots of mobile phones, cameras, sex toys and flash drives.

According to the Bureau: “A case was registered against him and other unknown persons, alleging their involvement in the sexual abuse of children in Banda, Chitrakoot, Hamirpur and the surrounding areas”

The convicted is curently awaiting a court hearing.


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