Central Crime Branch took down a group who bought and supplied Marijuana from the Dark Web


Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru recently caught Sanjay red handed while he was picking up Marijuana from the Post Office, It turned out Sanjay had associates including a high profile friend who tried to save them, the group sold Marijuana on the streets and were led by a rogue hacker Shrikee.

On November 9, The Bengaluru Foreign Post Office caught Sujay with 500 gm of Hydroponically-grown Marijuana. The Central Crime Branch of Bengaluru (CCB) soon unvieled the illict activities of Sujay and his associates Hemanth, Suneesh Hedge, and Prasid Shetty. The Group regularly purchased marijuana on the Dark Web and had a luxury lifestlye by supplying drugs on the streets.

This case was soon brought to public attention as CCB found the son of a Former Minister Rudrappa Lamani, Darshan Lamani was protecting his friends and trying to solve the case by bribing HC Prabhakar, head constable of the Sadashivangar Police Station who soon got suspended for taking bribes.

During interogation, the CCB often heard the name Shrikee as the leader of the chain who helped them find legitimate sources for Hyrdro Ganja/Marijuana on the dark web.

The unknown figure Shreeki was soon tracked down and identified as Srikrishna who apparently became addicted to Hydro Ganja when he was studying in Amsterdam, Netherlands where Marijuanna is legal and can be easily found in shops.

Mugshot of Shreeki, the leader of the group

According to the police, Srikrishna is a rogue hacker who hacked websites, gaming portals and quite oftenly used ransomwares for infiltrating companies data and threatening them to pay. He made a living through his illict activities.

The group is currently pending a trial and awaiting sentence.


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