Pakistani man sentenced to 3 life sentences for child abuse & distribution of Child Porn


A Judge from Rawalpindi, Pakistan just gave 3 life sentences to a Molester Sohail Ayaz, who abused kids & distributed Child Porn to Pedophilles.

Sohail Ayaz, who was a part of United Nations project in KhyberPakhtunkha, has sexually abused more than hundred kids, photographed and filmed himself molesting children and sold them to pedophilles on the Dark Web all with the help of his partner Khurram.

The convicted was previously trialed in italy for child abuse, he was sentenced by a British court to four years in prison. He had several cases of child abuse filed against him in Rawat Police Station in Rawalpindi.

Recently Jahangir Ali Gondal, a Judge from Rawalpindi senteced the molester Sohail Ayaz to three life sentences with a fine of $3000.

While his partner Khurram was sentenced to 7 years in prison and a fine of $621 USD.



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