Egregor held responsible for hacking Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Nobles went down due to a ransomware attack who demanded payment for decrypting files but Barnes & Nobles rather chose to bring it back from offline backup.

Egregor, a group of hackers, who have recently gained attention when they hacked Ubisoft and leaked published game data, and upcoming game titles.

Recently Barnes & Noble, an online book store was hacked by Ergregor who allegedly spread their ransomware through social engineering. The group demanded payment for decrypting their files.

But since Barnes & Noble regularly made offline backups, they rejected to pay the ransom and chose to restore their database. The stolen data included email accounts, and user information including address, however credit cards were not affected as the company used a third party to process the payments therefore all transactions and cards info were encrypted.

Egregor soon announced their involvement with the attack.


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