#Future-Markets (Pending and Upcoming)


#Pending-Markets: These markets are being reviewed by News Onion Web community. After a review, they will or will not be added to News Onion Web.

#Upcoming-Markets: Markets still under developement by their creators. They decided to post their project here for you to be expecting them in a future.

Last Revision: 29 December, 2020


These markets have not been reviewed yet, maybe they are a scam.

After a review by News Onion Web community, these markets will be listed (if everything is correct) on #Active-Markets. Otherwise they will remain here or will be sent to the banned area.

Cartel Marketplace - http://rcwy35r5etemhf7mrl4zl3nga7gk5lf2yubxnbdog6tktbzhz2is5had.onion/

Babylon (Possible Scam) - baba5tb2jobsw4jfzjrio7xoh3nkhvl43tjuubta5dgz4mazpsialzid.onion/

Corona Market - cannazonzza3ytij.onion/

Big Blue Market - wdijdjioqidjqowijoqjd.onion

Cypher Market - s6rki2vssbcvobgu.onion

Metropolis Market - metro5hhkpjjeob27fqpb2grgirwzdxoqr6yl7nm5zlg47ggjxmvelid.onion


These markets are just projects. They may or may not exist in the future. Feel free to let us know about your market so we list it here.

Chinatown Market

Red Cat Market